Thursday 181115

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Complete 3 rounds of:

0:00-2:00: Run 400 meters

2:00-4:00: 15 x 2 push-up burpees with jump to a 6″ target

4:00-6:00: Row 600/500 meters

6:00-8:00: 100 Double-Unders

For the 2 push-up burpees with jump to a 6″ target: drop to the deck, perform 2 push-ups, jump up and touch a target with both hands 6 feet above standing reach. This is 1 rep. 


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The PR picture game is stepping up. 

Just Do The Work.

Today you have 3 rounds of four 2 minute windows, each with a specific amount of work to complete within that window. These are the days it’s easy to look at each movement, convince yourself that you can’t possible complete that task within the time window, and come in ready to scale it back right away. Don’t fall into that trap. Today for the first round, everyone will attempt it as written. You’ll give it a shot and work your ass off and see if you can pull it off. If you do, great. You’ll try to repeat it for round 2. If you fall a little short, nothing lost. We’ll give some ideas before the workout on how to pull back just enough to complete the work on time but to not make it too easy for yourself, which is another easy mistake to make on these days.

For today you’ll simply get your name on the board at the end of the workout. No leaderboard. No score. No number. No RX. No time. Just your name. Because you came in and did the work.  

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