Tuesday 181009

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Complete for time:

Run 200m

5 Back Squats, 225#/155#

Run 400m

10 Back Squats, 225#/155#

Run 600m

15 Back Squats, 225#/155#

Run 800m

20 Back Squats, 225#/155#

Run 1000m

Time Cap = 35:00.


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Matty V!

Run and Squat and Run and Squat…

All of the legs today! For the back squats the bar will be taken from the racks. We have a ton of rack space and because of the running, well we hate to say it, but we know attendance will be a little lower today than it should be. But that issue is for another post! With that being said, there will be plenty of room for the racks to be used today.

There will be questions about loading so we’ll try to give you some things to consider now before you get to the gym. The back squat load should be a weight that you would be able to do 15 unbroken reps of when you are FRESH. This does not mean that you have to do all reps through the set of 15 unbroken today because you won’t be fresh when you reach those later sets, you will be fatigued. And that is why we give you this number to consider. If when fresh you can only do 225#/155# in sets of 2 or 3, then that weight is too heavy for today. Yes you could chip away at it for a couple hours and get that RX, but the stimulus goal of today is to work high volume running and high volume squatting with a moderate load that will get challenging towards the end. 

With today’s time cap of 35:00, you will have plenty of time to get through this one. See you in there!

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