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In 20:00 work up to a 1 Rep Max!


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Saturday October 27th, 9am.

Barbells For Boobs 2018!

Continuing with our October tradition to bring awareness to breast cancer we will be hosting Barbells for Boobs on Saturday October 27th. The 9am WOD on that Saturday will be Grace, 30 clean and jerks for time. What started as a grassroots event to raise awareness and a little bit of money in the CrossFit community has evolved into a full fledged, year round fundraising and advocacy machine. At CrossFit Evolve, like many other affiliates across the country, we hold that special feeling of dressing in pink and the entire community throwing down Grace near and dear to our heart. And we still do it this way every October. 

So on Saturday October 27th, wear something pink and come throw down with your Evolve crew. We will run heats until everyone is through the workout, take a beautiful picture of the whole crew dressed in pink, and spend some time hanging out afterwards. We will be providing some post-WOD mimosas for you guys so you can properly refuel after the workout! We will also continue the tradition of asking you to write the name(s) of friends or family that have been touched by breast cancer. It’s sobering to see how many names are on that board each year, but it’s also powerful because we can simply look at that board and know that the day is about much more than ourselves and a barbell.

As for the fundraising for Barbells for Boobs, we leave that to you. If you so choose you can create a profile and start fundraising. You can also buy a tee shirt from them knowing that your purchase will go to a great cause. Or you can simply show up to the WOD and help us raise awareness. It’s completely up to you! We hope to see you there!

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