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Complete for time:

45 Handstand Push-ups

45 Pull-ups

45 Ring Dips

45 Pull-ups

45 Push-ups


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Oh hey Hoff!

Oh Hoff!

As some of you may have seen or heard, Hoff has been going through our Coach’s Apprenticeship process. I would bet that most of you don’t know that Hoff was a CrossFit Coach at a box here in town a few years ago. He trained at Evolve because our gym is awesome, but he was able to get some coaching experience during that time at another gym. When he stopped working at that gym, I asked him if he would consider coaching at Evolve. He said no, feeling that it wasn’t the right time. I hounded him over the years and he finally caved! As part of the process, Hoff recently attended his Level 2 coaching certification and successfully passed the written exam, which is pretty rad!

He has had the joy of sitting down with me and a whiteboard and listening to me ramble on about all sorts fo things during our classroom sessions, most of which are related to coaching CrossFit athletes at Evolve (but not all!). As we progress into the more practical applications of coaching, you’ll start to see Hoff on the floor with me and the other coaches. 

We’re excited to have Hoff working with us and with you! It’s a big deal for us to bring on someone as a coach, and we don’t take the decision to put someone in that position lightly. He is a great athlete and an even better person which are just a few of the traits that we look for in a coach. When you see Hoff please congratulate him on his L2 and on working through the apprenticeship process!


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