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Complete 5 rounds for time of:

Run 400m

10 Hang Power Cleans, 155#/105#

5 Bar Facing Burpees

25:00 Time Cap today!


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Athlete set up for a long EMOM!

A Little Set Up Goes A Long Way.

Spending a little time getting yourself set up goes a long way! Who’s been 2 rounds into a WOD and realized they didn’t have chips to help keep count? Or maybe realized a little too late that chalk is going to be helpful during the workout only to have to stop what you’re doing to go find a chalk bucket? We’ve all been there! The veteran CrossFitter is able to look at a workout and know exactly what they’ll need to get through it…and then take care of it before the WOD starts rather than wasting time to do it once the workout has already started. 

The same can be said for gear. Like to wear knee sleeves for squats? If the WOD includes wall balls, the savvy CrossFitter puts their knee sleeves on before the session even begins, ensuring that they’re good to go and don’t have to sacrifice warm-up time to take care of it. Enjoy some extra wrist support going overhead by using wrist wraps? Throw those things on before the briefing starts so you don’t have to miss out on skill work to go through your bag to find the wraps and put them on. Just like rep counters and chalk, a little forethought goes a long way!

We hope that some of these seemingly small strategies will help you get the most out of the hour we spend together each day! Got more tips? Leave ’em in the comments section!

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