Thursday 180823

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Complete 5 rounds NOT for time of:

6 Back Squats

6 Box Jumps, 36″/30″

100 Foot Sled Push

200m Row


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This is KJ. In this picture KJ has just PR’d her power clean. KJ is awesome. Be like KJ!

The Work Still Matters Even When It’s Not. For Time.

Do not freak out. It’s going to be OK. We can do a workout that isn’t for time. We promise! Today we are going heavy with the back squat, we are going to go high on the box jumps, we’re going to push a sled, and we’re going to pull on a rower handle and cover 200m as fast as possible. All without a clock running. Can your mind handle this twist? We think it can!

Challenge yourself with the squat and the box jump. For the sled, we will have 4 set up at various loads with some additional plates nearby. Pick a sled and push it down 50 feet, turn it, and push it back 50 more feet. Don’t sweat the load. If it’s heavier, you’ll go slower. If it’s lighter, you’ll go faster. Both of those are good and you shouldn’t stress about it. For the row, well that needs to be a full all-out effort. It’s only 200m for a reason. Go hard here.

You’re going to go through 5 rounds of this. There will be no clock running. There will be no score on the whiteboard. Today is just about the work, and that work still matters even if the clock isn’t running. Enjoy the change of pace for today!

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