Monday 180813

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Complete for time:

5 – 8 – 13

Parallette Handstand Push-ups

Deadlifts, 365#/235#,

Then 89′ Overhead KB Lunge, 70#/55#


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Way to rep this weekend crew!

2018 CrossFit Games WODs!

This week you’re going to get the chance to perform some of the WODs from the 2018 CrossFit Games. To pull this off we’ll have to modify some things to make it happen. For example, today’s deadlifts will be with a barbell instead of two 203#/124# kettlebells since we don’t have any KBs that heavy! So there will be some tweaks here and there, but it should still be fun to throw these workouts down. 

As the WODs are written, the weights and movements will be kept as close to the Games standards as possible. Recognizing that although so many of us came really really close to qualifying for the games this year, we will all need to understand that we are still trying to hit a specific desired stimulus just like with any WOD. We will be sure to explain the desired stimulus during the briefings which will help you scale to achieve what we’re after.

As with every WOD at Evolve ever, scaling as appropriate is important. Don’t let the posted workouts freak you out because they have CrossFit Games movements and loading. We are here to make all of these WODs approachable for everyone. Let’s have some fun this week!

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