Tuesday 180724

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Complete for time:

Run 5k

Compare to April 23, 2018


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Picture yourself finishing today’s run just like this!

But Why?

Because you’ve been running your arse off in WODs for the last several months and today we get to prove to you that it’s paying off. As you know, these longer duration WODs are an important component of your fitness. You’ve been working on improving these types of efforts with the shorter, higher intensity sprints found in shorter WODs, as well as the overall improvement in aerobic capacity found in the longer WODs. Today you’ll see that you can improve your 5k time without constantly running 5ks. The added bonus? You will always go harder when you know 15 of your friends are running with you verses you just doing it on your own. 

Grab your running shoes, put together an epic playlist, high five some friends, and post a new 5k PR today!

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