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Complete every 3:00 for 5 sets:

3 Thrusters

Complete every 3:00 for 5 sets:

3 Push Jerks

Please see below.


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The small accomplishments lead to big ones. Matty V is on his way to huge DU sets!

Thrusters + Push Jerks = Strong Shoulders!

Here are some details that you will hear during today’s briefing. Knowing them beforehand can sometimes help you come up with a game plan so here you go, plan away!

The bar will come from the rack. If you have to partner up due to rack space, find someone who’s close in numbers. And close in height!

The clock will run continuously for both movements. So after set 5 of the thrusters, the next 3:00 mark will begin set 1 of the push jerk.

Start your push-jerk set with a weight equal or greater than your final thruster weight. This should be doable because you don’t have the pull squat for the push jerks. 

As the weight gets heavy for both movements, keep in mind the importance of fast, explosive hip extension. This is going to be what gets that bar overhead. When it starts to get heavy it’s easy to slow things down. Don’t do it. 

Record your numbers when you’re done – you’ve just set a new PR or established a baseline for a 3RM for 2 movements!

Weightlifting days are fun! Some folks don’t love these days as much as a metcon beating, but understand that all of these things are part of your development as a CrossFitter. Give some high-fives and enjoy the barbell!

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