Monday 180625

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Complete for time:

75 Back Squats, 135#/95#

Each minute, including 0:00, do 35 double-unders. 

Bars start on the floor. 


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KJ going overhead!

TEAMWORK Is Almost Here!

We’re less than a week out from 24 hero WODs in 24 hours! If you haven’t registered yet, please go here and get it done! This event is a fundraiser for the Navy Seal Foundation so only those who have registered will be able to participate so don’t wait! For those participating, you will see a generic “Kill Cliff Teamwork” in Zen Planner for each hour of the event. We are asking that 1 person from each team sign up for the WODs your team wants to do. This will help us tremendously for planning the entire event. 

For details on how your team will break up the work for each WOD, please check out the TEAMWORK Guidelines Page!

Here are the scheduled workouts so you know what to sign up for in ZP:

Saturday June 30th

9 am: Glen

10 am: Tumilson

11 am: Mr. Joshua

12 pm: Faas Fit

1 pm: Chuck Heavy

2 pm: JT

3 pm: Tommy V

4 pm: Feeks

5 pm: The Juicy

6 pm: Strange

7 pm: Job’s Challenge

8 pm: Jason

9 pm: Blake

10 pm: Badger

11 pm: Adam Brown

Sunday July 1

12 am: Gallant

1 am: Brian

2 am: Spehar

3 am: Michael

4 am: Kevin

5 am: Collin

6 am: Dietz

7 am: Nate

8 am: Marston

Be sure to get your team registered and let us know if you have any questions!


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