Monday 180514

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Complete As Many Rounds As Possible in 45:00 of:

Run 400m

3 Rope Climbs

Run 400m

15 Clapping Push-ups


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Rick putting in the work!


45 minute WODs live on the margins of what we typically do in CrossFit. Today is a long duration workout and needs to be treated accordingly. The goal here is to keep moving for 45 minutes and in order to do so keep the rounds sub-maximal. It is not a wise strategy to redline the 400 and stand there staring at the rope recovering for 3 minutes!

The good news besides for the 400s? Today is a great day to get better at rope climbs! Focus on dialing in the technique of utilizing a solid clamp and using your legs to ascend versus just pulling with your arms. You’re going to get a lot of shots getting up there today with plenty of recovery between. Make an effort to get better today!

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