Monday 180416

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Complete for time:

1000m Row

100 Double-unders

50 Push Press, 95#/65#

100 Double-unders

We’ll do a staggered start for larger WODs today!


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Kelly N getting some deadlifts in!

Push Press Is Pretty Much The Same As Push Jerk, Right?

Nope. Not the same. Though when you get tired sometimes the push press turns into a push jerk, even if you don’t realize it. It happens as your shoulders get tired and your body, knowing it can be more efficient to drop under the bar and finish using your legs, changes the motor pattern that you started with. Today we want you to be aware of this shift….and fight through it!

The push press is performed with the dip and drive assisting the bar overhead. One the legs extend, they stay that way. The push jerk starts the same as the push press, but the dip and drive is followed by a “drop”, or re-bending of the knees. This is what we want to prevent. How to we do that? We’ll prep the push press sufficiently before the WOD to make sure you understand it and you can perform it. Once the workout starts and you work through those 50 reps, you’ll need to be aware of what your body is doing and how it’s moving. If you feel yourself starting to drop under the bar, or the coach tells you that you are, take a rest, re-group, and get back at it using the push press. Below are movement demos from CrossFit HQ showing the push press and the push jerk. Have a look to refamiliarize yourself with the differences.

Many times we see athletes being unaware that they are turning the push press into the push jerk as they get tired. Often a simple verbal cue fixes is right up! If not, a short rest usually does the trick. Let’s see you make it happen today!!




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