Tuesday 180306

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Complete 3 rounds for time of:

24 Wall Balls, 20#/14#

12 Deadlifts (Round1: 275#/185#, Round 2: 295#/195#, Round 3: 315#/205#)

6 Bar Muscle-ups


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Week 1 Leader? Who pulled out the win for Week 2??

Do Something Great Today: The Podcast!

On a sunny day long, long ago, several coaches were sitting outside in the sunshine after a workout enjoying a dose of Vitamin D and each other’s company. As we laughed our asses off for an hour straight someone said we should do a podcast, just record what we’re talking about, and even though nobody would listen to it, we probably would and we think we’re really funny so it will be great. The seed was planted. Fast forward to a month or two ago where I read an article on the benefits of connecting with your gym through multiple channels: blog, social media, video, face to face…..and podcasts. It was all coming together!

So we bought a mic and on Saturday after Open Gym we plugged it in, hit record, and got after it. Thanks to KV, Josh, Jeff, Tayler, and Hoff for making it happen!

Here is Do Something Great Today Episode 1: The Open. It’s loose, informal, and has some cuss words. We hope you like it because we sure liked making it!

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