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Complete every minute on the minute for 20:00 of:

Even Minutes: 25 Double-unders then 8 Single-Arm Overhead Lunge, Right Arm

Odd Minutes: 25 Double-unders then 8 Single-Arm Overhead Lunge, Left Arm

Load for OH Lunge is 50#/35# DBs or 55#/35# KBs.


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Ricky getting his first C2B then many, many more!

CrossFit Evolve Kids: Spring Edition

You’ve probably seen this on the social media feeds but Stine and KV will be running another CrossFit Evolve Kids/Teens Session. This will be run in the same fashion as the last few sessions with a Thursday evening and Saturday morning class each week from April 3 to March 12th: Tuesdays @ 7pm, Saturdays @ 8am.

If you’re wondering, “Why would my athlete(s) benefit from this program”…we are SO glad you asked….here are the some reasons to sign your athlete(s) up:

It’s a GREAT alternative to sitting on the couch, complaining about being bored, and playing on electronic devices!!

You know one of the BEST things about Evolve is the family and friends you have met while suffering together. What a great opportunity for your athletes to meet new friends, practice teamwork, and learn the importance of sportsmanship.

Wouldn’t it be cool if your athletes could learn all the CF movements the RIGHT way the FIRST time? In the Kids/ Teen Program we value perfect movement above all else. The strength, skill, and WODs will incorporate the same scaling and coaching that you have come to LOVE at EVOLVE!

We know YOU love to come to Evolve and PR, grind out long chippers, and learn new movements…and it’s time for your athlete to learn that too!! Remember- CF is functional- wouldn’t it be nice to get some extra help carrying groceries in and doing yard work? AND..they get to have fun in the process!!!

Interested? We cannot imagine you wouldn’t be…email and she will send you the sign-up details!

Yours in Fitness,

Coaches Stine and Kendra

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