Thursday 180215

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Complete 5 rounds of:

2:00 Max Cal Row

2:00 Walking Sled Drag, 135#/90#

1:00 Burpees

1:00 Rest


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Maiki! February Athlete of the Month! We love this guy!!!

How Do I Score This?

We think you’ll agree that the Train For The Win programming we’ve been hitting has been fantastic. Difficult and challenging, but fantastic. One thing we have heard is that on occasion the workout can be difficult to count, which means tough to score. Today is an example of that. For today’s WOD, you’ll add up your total cals, each length of the sled pull, and burpees completed each round. This will give you one big number but it might be easy to mess up your counting.

As important as it is for us to track progress, and as fun as it is to see our scores stacked up against our friends on the whiteboard, that is only part of the big picture. There will be times where we ask you to do something that doesn’t lend itself to an easy score to write on the board. Don’t get wrapped around the axle about this, it is not a big deal. In the big picture, there is value in these workouts. They don’t come often, but when they do it’s on purpose. Just because it isn’t as clear as an AMRAP or a final time on the WOD in terms of scoring doesn’t mean that it’s not valuable to your training or effective toward your progress. Do your best to track your reps, but not at the expense of losing 15 seconds of work per movement to do it. In the end it’s the work that you did, not the score on the board that matters!

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