Thursday 180208

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Complete 5 Rounds For Time of:

200 meter Run with Medicine Ball

50 feet Medicine Ball Crabwalk

20 Medicine Ball Cleans

10 Medicine Ball Toe-to-Bar


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At least we ain’t rowing today!

Another Winter Run Day? Yes.

It’s been a a little while since we’ve done it, so it’s time to get in some running. Listen, we’re CrossFitters. We do all kinds of gnarly stuff on the daily. Running outside in the cold/dark/snow is not a big deal. Again, here are our tips for your safety and success in a winter running WOD:

Layer so you can stay warm during the run but shed it quickly when you get inside and start the next part of the WOD.

Wear light colors. It’s dark and the drivers are definitely not looking for you because they are texting or watching youtube videos on their phone. So in that case bright colors won’t help but they might.

Knowing that if someone is looking at their phone while driving and that what you’re wearing won’t help, keep your awareness on point. Assume they don’t see you until proven otherwise. This is a good life lesson and applies to many things!

Consider bringing a flashlight, headlamp, or use your phone’s flashlight. 

That’s it. Easy business. See you there!

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