Friday 180209

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Complete for time:

50 Strict Pull-ups

100 Push-ups (Turkey Challenge Standard: Toes on Plate, Plate at Chest, No Hand Release Needed)

200 Walking Lunges (no added weight)


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No Weight = Easy? We’ll See. 

Not a barbell in sight. No KBs, Med Balls, Slam Balls, or anything else. Just you, your body, and gravity. It’s not uncommon for folks to feel like this type of workout is too easy. Or since there’s not weight involved there’s no progress to be made. We say false. Done right, this workout will give you everything you need. Some tips to get all you can out of today:

On the pull-ups, keep them strict as strict can be. No little hip-kip to get that chin to the bar. You know what I’m talking about. If you’ve got that, fight to remain in a solid hollow position for all reps. Now we’re talking!

For the push-ups we’ve given you the Turkey Challenge standard to meet today. Why? So you can’t worm up. Hips and thighs won’t touch the ground. This ensures that each push-ups is legit. It also ensures that your arms get a pump and your midline gets spicy. 

With the lunges, keep that torso tall, don’t push off your front knee with your hands to stand up, and make sure that trailing knee touches the ground each rep. 

Do all of these things this way and add a little speed to it and we promise that you’ll walk away with a new found appreciation of all body-weight WODs!

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