Thursday 180118

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Complete every 90 seconds for as long as possible:

2 Hang Power Cleans

Bars start at 115#/75#. Add 10# total each round.

See below for details!


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Ryan G repping out some big power snatches!

Today’s Deal.

Here’s some info for today’s WOD. Every 90 seconds you’ll do 2 hang power cleans. Bars for will start at 115# for the guys, 75# for the ladies. However, if you feel like starting that heavy will cash you out quickly you can start lighter. After each set, add 10# total to the bar. The goal is to see how far you can get. A couple of things:

Feel free to partner up and share a bar on this one. You have the entire 90 seconds to get the work done.

The set of 2 need to be unbroken to count. So after the first HPC, the bar has to go back to the hang without touching the ground.

You guys have to hit a total of 15 sets of 2, which equates to 21:00. If you fail at a weight, you’ll drop to a weight that you’ll be able to finish out the workout with.

If you’re super strong and you can go past the 21:00, most of us will gather around and cheer you on because we’ll be done!

That’s the basics, we’ll have more for you at the briefing!


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