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Complete every 2 minutes for 8  rounds:

10 Thrusters, 95#/65#

10 Bar-Over Burpees

Score is your slowest round. To avoid the pace falling off too much you’ll want to sustain a consistent pace versus starting out hard and blowing up at the end. We’ll talk more about this at the briefing!




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Gymnastics Skill

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Pull-ups and Muscle Up Skill

2 x 10 Beat Swings on Bar

3 x 3-1-3 Swing and Pull Drill on Bar

2 x 10 Swing on Rings

3 x 3-1-3 Swing and Pull Drill on Rings

Depending on Ability, Finish With:

Max set of strict muscle-up or

1 Strict muscle-up attempt + Max set of strict pull-ups or

1 Strict pull-up attempt + Max set of strict ring rows




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Braden getting it done!

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Get Your Goat and Love On at Monday Night Open Gym!

Some of our members have gone rogue! It happens. They start getting good at the CrossFit and they want to keep getting better, so they team up and figure out how to work on all of their weaknesses to make them strengths. It happens. Many of you have been to the gym when we had the Goat and Love EMOMs. Well below is an invite to all of you to get your Goat and Love fix on the reg.

Hey everyone! Kortney, Alyssa and I (Maiki) have started Goat and Love Mondays at the 7pm open gym. So, if you have some movements that you enjoy doing (The LOVE) and movements you need to work on (The GOAT) feel free to come throw down with us. A little secret – everyone fits that description 🙂

The G&L is a 20min EMOM – alternating between your Goat and Love every minute – so 10min of each total. You pick your movements and your rep scheme – SWEET! This WOD can be deceiving though. For example, 12 walls ball every minute might seem easy but because of that thing called math that’s 120! by the end of the work out. So know yourself, pick what feels right and if you want to change the rep scheme in the middle that’s cool!

Let’s get better while getting fitter!

P.S. We usually go to Toyko Joe’s or Torchy’s Tacos after to eat and hang out for a bit – any and all are welcome. BOGO Poki bowls!

This is rad, thanks for letting the whole community jump in on your fun guys!

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