Friday 171215

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Complete as many reps as possible in 7:00 of:


Jump and touch a target that is 6″ higher than arms length overhead.

Compare to 2/23/12!


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Yay burpees!


How many of you were doing CrossFit when this little number came out as the first WOD of the 2012 Open? I know there were many of you who were around back then. You’re OG! Well today we get to give it a try again. 7 minutes is a long, long time to do burpees. We tried so many different strategies during this one….going steady, going a little faster than steady, doing 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest, trying to hit a certain number per minute. Oh so many different ways to do it. I personally tried it 3 times, each with a different strategy, and each time I finished with in 2 reps of my best. My advice is to pick a pace you can live with for the fist 4 minutes and keep it going for the last 3. No breaks, just a steady pace to keep moving. Today is your day to either hit an old school Open WOD for the first time, or to see if you can beat your score from 6 years ago. Either way it’s a hell of a way to end the week!

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