Tuesday 171003

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Complete 3 rounds for time:

Run 600m

30m KB Front Rack Walk, 70#/55#

Row 600m

30m KB Overhead Walk, 70#/55#

60 Double-unders

30 V-ups

120 Single-unders


Please see below!


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Logistics Are Always The Problem

If you think math is hard you should try CrossFit gym logistics! Today’s workout looks awesome, but there might be a problem! Can you spot the potential logistical issue? If you said rowers you’re right! Rowing is terrible effective, and often times terribly terrible! As the weather turns we’re going to see more and more of the rowers. But it causes us to have to manage the logistics of having more people than rowers. So we get creative!

Today if there are more than 9 people in the WOD…and of course there will be because you guys love to get after it, half the group will start on the 600m row and half on the 600m run. And then you’ll swap later on in the WOD. It will work out beautifully. And we’re also sure that it won’t really matter where you do what when in the grand scheme of the entire workout, so don’t worry about that! So get ready to get some cardio on and we’ll see you in there!

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