Wednesday 170906

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Complete for time:

9 – 7 – 5


Snatch, 135#/95#

Compare to 12/5/14, 5/13/13, 8/15/11


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Don’t Bail!

Today’s WOD Amanda can be intimidating for many. It starts out with a complex gymnastics movement and finishes with a heavy snatch…which. yes. is received in a squat. At first look some of you may think about hitting that cancel button. Don’t do it. We’re going to hook you up with several scaling options for those muscle-ups and we will bring the weight down for those who need it so they are able to get exactly what they need.

The beauty of CrossFit is that every single person who comes in they gym today will be doing the same WOD. It will just be tweaked to make it right for each individual. There may be a dozen people in the WOD, but each will have unique abilities and needs. This is one of the many reasons why you come to a box with great coaching….because you know that we will make things just right for you. So don’t bail, come in and throw down Amanda today!

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