Thursday 170427

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Complete as many rounds as possible in 22:00 of:

Run 800m

10 Power Clean and Jerks, 60% 1RM

If you get out the door before the 22 minutes, you earned another 800. Don’t dog it so you don’t have to run that last one, get through the C&J and get back out the door!


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On the wall!

Website Updates

So you might have noticed that the website looks a little different today. Sorry to just spring that on you guys. It was time for a little spring cleaning on the old page. We’ve been working with Rob and Kendra B for a while to make this happen and suddenly it was ready to go, so we said screw it, make it live! It doesn’t mean much for you guys. The blog will still be there with the daily workouts and the great write-ups that 4 or 5 of you actually read. The page will look a lot cleaner too, so we think it’s a plus.

One thing you might care about is the landing page will no longer be the WOD and blog, but an overview of the gym. Check it out, but since you likely already go to Evolve and know all the things about your box, you might just want to update your bookmark to the WOD/Blog page. It’s up to you.

We hope you dig it, let us know what you think. A huge thanks to Rob and Kendra, you guys may or may not know but they are pimps of the interweb and their company Spark Logix powers our online awesomeness. Thanks you guys!!

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