Tuesday 170103

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Complete for time:

1000m Row

30 Hang Power Clean, 155#/105#

70 Sit-ups

20 Handstand Push-ups

80 Double-unders

10 Bar Muscle-ups



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Michael post-getting after it!

It’s Not Always About Having the Highest Score

I got to have a great conversation after one of the morning WODs yesterday. One of our athletes did the WOD RX’d. It came down to the thrusters. That RX load can get to feeling heavy quickly, but because the reps were low he decided to go for it. As we spoke after the workout, he was stoked that he was able to earn that RX next to his name, and he mentioned that although he could have gotten way more rounds with a lighter weight, he felt it was the right time to go heavier and see what would happen. He was glad he did. I was glad too. 

I was glad because when our folks “get it”, it makes us happy. It means that we’re educating and giving more context than simply what the time or number of rounds and reps on the board is. Of course if you go up in load to achieve the RX you will go slower, or get less rounds. Maybe you’ll even hit the dreaded time cap. It’s because that shit is hard. But when the time is right for the individual athlete, and this is different for everyone, you have to go for it. This is where the growth happens. Physically, mentally, spiritually, whatever you’re after, pushing the line further and further is what you need to do to keep the momentum going. Do not let the thought of getting a “lower” score get in the way of your progress. The score doesn’t matter. It’s simply a gauge of your progress, and there will be a point in your CF career where the RX next to your name means more to you than more rounds.

So the next time you’re confronted with the choice, maybe go with the harder option. It might be just what you need!

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