Monday 161024

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Complete 10 rounds for time of:

7 Thrusters, 135#/95#

12 Pike Leg Raises (over barbell end)

30 Double-unders


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Listen to my words.

Pike Leg Raises You Say?

Today you see a movement that might be a little new to you, the pike leg raise. We’ve also called it the seated leg raise in the past. It doesn’t matter what you call it, it still works! Below is a video we made using a kettlebell as the target. Today you’ll sit on the floor facing the end of the barbell and perform the raises over the bar. Like many things we do, it’s possible that you’re looking at this and thinking it won’t be a big deal. And you might be right. However, make sure you work hard to keep your technique sound. You can fly through this with a lazy midline and bent knees but it will be nowhere near as effective.


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