Saturday 160902

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Saturday Teamwork…or Solo!


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Hotshot 19

Complete 6 rounds for time of:

30 Squat

19 Power Clean, 135#/95#

7 Strict Pull-ups

Run 400m

This workout can be performed as an individual or as at team of 2. There will be a 40:00 cap on it.

Please see the write-up below.


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On June 30th, 2013 nineteen members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots lost their lives at the Yarnell Hill Fire outside of Prescott, Arizona. This is the third year that we, along with countless other CrossFit affiliates, host the Hotshot 19 workout as a fundraiser for the families of the fallen. Fundraising continues today through CrossFit.

As firefighters we commit to learn from these tragedies. Never forget is what we say. We feel that as CrossFitters we should do the same. So today we’ll once again throw down the Hotshot 19. You can do this workout as an individual or as a team. If you choose to do it as a team, you may split up the reps however you like, but both team members must run the 400m together as a team in the spirit of how these firefighters worked together.

Please keep the 19 Granite Mountain Firefighters and their friends and families in your thoughts today as you do the workout. Never forget.

Ashcraft, Andrew – Age: 29

Caldwell, Robert – Age: 23

Carter, Travis – Age: 31

Deford, Dustin – Age: 24

MacKenzie, Christopher – Age: 30

Marsh, Eric – Age: 43

McKee, Grant – Age: 21

Misner, Sean – Age: 26

Norris, Scott – Age: 28

Parker, Wade – Age: 22

Percin, John – Age: 24

Rose, Anthony – Age: 23

Steed, Jesse – Age: 36

Thurston, Joe – Age: 32

Turbyfill, Travis – Age: 27

Warneke, William – Age: 25

Whitted, Clayton – Age: 28

Woyjeck, Kevin – Age: 21

Zuppiger, Garret – Age: 27

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