Saturday 160813

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Saturday Teamwork!

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In teams (size to be determined by total number) complete:

Row (cals)

300 Ring Rows

300 Push-ups

300 Plate Ground-to-Overhead, 45#/25#

300 Toes-to-Bar

During the workout one team member will be rowing at all times. The team member rowing will rotate every 10 calories. The WOD will be completed chipper style with those not on the rower working their way through the reps. Only one person will work at a time. Each team will also have a 40# slam ball. This will be held for the duration of the workout. If it hits the floor, everyone on the team will do 10 burpees. Sounds great right?!


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You like? You want some?

Hey gang, Rob and Kendra B, who you know as part of your Evolve family are also the folks behind Horsetooth’d. If you’re on Instagram give them a follow! They’ve created a whole brand centered around recreating in Horsetooth Mountain Park, the Reservoir, and Northern Colorado in general, which a fair share of us do ourselves. You’ve seen their shirts and stickers in the gym. Well this weekend at New West Fest they’re setting up shop on Oak Street. Tell your friends and if you’re down there this weekend, swing by and say hello to them. We heard that anyone who can do 30 burpees in 10 seconds gets a free hat and tee shirt, but that might just be a rumor. 


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