Monday 150613

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Complete for time:

Run 800M

Rest the time it took to run 800m

Run 600m

Rest the time it took to run 600m

Run 400m

Rest the time it took to run 400m

Run 200m

Rest the time it took to run 200m

Run 100m


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This! This is how you should look after today’s run!

Today is a run day! Or should we say sprint day. Many of us aren’t the biggest fan of running in general, but hopefully by now you understand the importance of a healthy dose of sprinting now and again as an important part of our all around fitness! Today is a race against the clock. You will rest the exact amount of time it took you to run the previous distance. That 1:1 ratio of work:rest will give you just the right amount of recovery to keep the intensity high. This should not be a jog. You should not be chatting with your friends as you run. That would mean you’re doing it wrong. We’re looking for some all out intensity on each sprint. If you do it right, this will be a potent workout!

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