Saturday 160402

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Saturday Teamwork!

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In Teams of 4 complete as many rounds as possible in 20:00 of:

Run 400m (pacer)

Ball Slams, 40#/30#

Row (cal)

Clean and Jerk, 135#/95#

Each person starts at a station and the run is the pacer. Once the runner gets back in, each athlete rotates. Score is total reps completed.


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Looking for something to do this weekend? Check this out!

FoCo peeps, come out and see live local bands in support of enterprising awesome youth! Every aspect of this showcase is mentoring youth for this show at the Aggie Theater on Sunday. Musicians, singers, songwriters, videographers, photographers (like JoLynn and Steve’s daughter Anika!!!), sound and lighting techs, artists (like the teen that did the poster art above), music business and promotion, and even audiology students for hearing health. Support a great thing and have a great time!!

You can check out some more info on the Aggie website here!


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