Friday 160226

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CrossFit Open 16.1

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Complete as many rounds as possible in 20:00 of:

25 Feet Overhead Lunge, 95#/65#

8 Bar-Over Burpees

25 Feet Overhead Lunge, 95#/65#

8 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups

Click here to check out the workout details as well as the scaled versions of 16.1!


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Good thing these guys have been practicing their pull-ups!

And It Begins!!

By now you’ve seen 16.1 and all of it’s glory! As fun as this workout will be, it is a logistical nightmare for running an entire gym through it. Please understand that the walking lunges will greatly limit the number of athletes who can go in each heat. The fact that the WOD is 20 minutes is also going to cause issues for us. What we ask is that you sign up for the WOD time you plan to come. We will do our best to make that happen, but please come in knowing that we’re basically going to be running heats from 9am to noon and 4pm to 8pm. This will also include those who are not signed up for the open but are coming in for their daily WOD fix!! If you have a tight schedule we’ll do what we can to accommodate it.

If the uncertainty doesn’t work for your schedule, no worries, we’ll be giving the opportunity for those who have signed up for the Open to do the WOD on Sunday starting at 9am.

Please hit us up with any questions, and have fun with the 1st WOD of the 2016 CrossFit Season!!


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