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Complete for time:

21 – 15 – 9

Thrusters, 95#/65#


Please see the link above if you need to review scaling options for pull-ups.

Compare to: 9/23/15,1/6/14, 7/15/13, 6/1/12, 7/12/11, 4/13/10, 9/9/10, 11/8/10


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Jenae and Jess showing what it’s all about. Wondering why we make a big deal about the Open every year? It’s about strengthening our community!

Are You In?

Today is the start of registration for the CrossFit Open. For those that don’t know, the open is a world-wide, 5 week competition. Every Thursday of the Open a new workout is released. We then do the WOD as our Friday WOD at Evolve. Those who are signed up for the Open get another chance to hit the workout on Sundays starting at 9am. 

Last year Kendra and Stine planned a series of weekly events for the Open. These include The Reveal at the gym every Thursday night and weekly contests. The other thing that will happen again this year is the Intramural Team Competition. Each coach leads a team and the team members get the opportunity to accumulate points for the team each week. Each registered Open athlete is blindly assigned to a team.

Editors Note: I know, I know, you really want to be on my team, #kissourkettlebells, because we won it all last year and you know we’ll do the same this year. Well, you just might be that lucky. But you gotta sign up to make it happen. And yes, this is totally abusing my blog posting power. Sorry not sorry.

This is whole thing is about community. The community of Evolve and the community of CrossFit. And it’s also about you. About getting outside of your comfort zone and doing something that might make you a little nervous, but something we know from experience will be awesome for you. There are scaled divisions as part of the Open, so there is no good reason not to be a part of it. We hope you decide to join us, you won’t be sorry!!


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