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Complete 4 rounds for time of:

Row 500m

20 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups

20 Hollow Rocks


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This is the best lookin Halloween WOD crew we’ve seen all year!

Today is a first of a 3-part series from our friend and former athlete Kris P. Kris recently moved to Boulder to work full time as a success coach. As a success coach, Kris specializes in helping the CrossFit community optimize performance beyond the box through focused and purposeful lifestyle design to achieve a sense of balance and control between work, life, and passions.  Enjoy!!

Whether you think you can or you can’t either way you are right.

-Henry Ford

Embracing the SUCK!

Sometimes it just sucks! Right? We all have good days and bad days but what really sets the top performers apart is their ability to truly embrace the suck. To keep pushing through, knowing that it’s all worth it in the end. Easy, just one more perfect rep right? Ha! Don’t we all wish.

As a success coach I’ve been working with clients on the mindset required to be successful outside of the gym. 80% of our success is really about our inner game. To quote Henry Ford “Whether you think you can or can’t, either way you are right”. So what thoughts are running through your head during a WOD? How entertaining would it be to see everyone’s thoughts! Little cartoon bubbles…Did I really sign up for this? Why is Josh making me do these anyway? I suck at running. Wait a minute, I totally have this. Oh look a squirrel, no no focus on this movement. Make this one perfect. Don’t look at the clock, damn looked at the clock!

So what’s running through your head? Our thoughts are powerful and directly affect our successes or failures. Are your thoughts empowering or disempowering?

Pay attention during your next WOD.

This is a three part series that will talk about:

  • The power of Why. The most successful people throughout history have a clear why, which drives them through the good and the suck. Why do you do Crossfit and is it helping you perform at your highest potential?
  • The power of thoughts. What really happens when we think we “suck” at running, or pull ups, or whatever it is for you.
  • Tactical thinking for a successful WOD.


Part 1

Why are you here???

What the hell? Why would anyone do this stuff we call WOD’s?

It’s so important to have a purpose in life. It’s what motivates you, excites you when you get out bed, keeps you going in the tough times, and helps you truly excel in the good times. The most successful people throughout history have always had an incredibly powerful purpose.  Can you imagine Gandhi without a purpose? So keeping this a little more simple than finding our life purpose today (though if you don’t have one I highly recommend creating one) lets focus on our Crossfit purpose. Why are we here? To get into better shape? To look good naked? Yes, truth be told that was my original purpose.  Then it changed to: maintain my current level of fitness while struggling through a very tough time in my life. Not very empowering I’d say! And the results spoke to that directly. I maintained, but continued to suffer and not fully enjoy it. Today my life’s purpose is to help change the world, by being the best human being that I can be. To continually grow so I can positively affect those around me and to help others thrive through my coaching. So Crossfit fits perfectly into this. During each WOD, I focus on remembering why I’m doing this. I need to be a role model to those I serve by continuing to learn how to optimize my own performance so that I can help others do the same.

I was talking with a Crossfit coach about his purpose or why he does Crossfit and was blown away with his answer. He’s a firefighter and wants to know that he can help his fellow firefighters when things go sideways. The foundation of firefighting is teamwork and on any given day, he might have to carry his 275 lb buddy to save his life. Wow!

The most powerful whys usually involve others and knowing that you’re doing it for them and not just you. When you have a weak why, you will always leave a back door open. You’ll have an excuse or reason why you can quit. Basically this is a lack of total commitment. And with a strong why comes a total commitment to giving it your true all.

What’s your why? Is it powerful? Something inspiring to get you to embrace the suck? Having a why is a powerful thing. It will get you up when you’ve been knocked down during the suck, both in the WOD and in life.




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