Thursday 151029

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Complete for time:

150 Wall Balls, 20#/14#

Compare to: 4/29/15, 7/22/13, 8/10/10, 9/13/10.


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Speaking of comps, here’s another great showing….Pam and her friend Steph finished 4th at the Battle of the Badges two weeks ago! KV posted this on the FB but it needed to be here as well! We can barely keep up with all the awesome work you guys are doing…keep it going!

The November Challenge!

This is a hard time to stay motivated to hit the gym. The weather is changing, the mornings and afternoons are dark, it’s cold out. This impacts all of our motivation. So in order to keep you going in the right direction we present to you the November Challenge! Here’s the details:

Teams of 2. Your partner has to be an Evolve athlete as well.

1 point is awarded for each WOD attended during the month. So if each person on the team hits 15 WODs, 30 points are earned for the team. MindBody will be the official tracker. You might want to be better about signing up for your WODs!

There will be a bunch of other ways to earn points throughout the month. You have to be engaged to find these opportunities. The blog and social media will be important!

At the end of the month, the team score is total cumulative points earned.

The winning team will get 1/2 off their December membership. Yep, each person will get a 50% discount. That’s like a cash prize! If multiple teams are tied the winner will be drawn from a hat, but the other teams will not go away empty handed!

Okay, here’s your first opportunity at points. Each team will be awarded for signing up the right way. This is very easy so follow the instructions. If we have to come back and ask you questions, you’ll still be signed up but you will loose out on the point:

Email with the 2 names of the people on your team. The subject line of the email must be: NOVEMBER CHALLENGE. There must be 2 names in the body of the email. Yes, I know you sent the email but since your address is “ I don’t know who you are. If you follow these instructions you will be registered and you’ll start out with a point. Let’s see how you do!

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