Thursday 151022

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5 Rounds of:

Max Reps Bench Press, equal to body weight

Max Reps Pull-ups

Compare to 4/4/12, 6/25/12, 8/8/11


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This is Dr Shawn. He comes to the 6am. You might not have met him, but you should because he’s pretty great!

What the Hell is GPP?

GPP is what we do. General Physical Preparedness. Fitness that is broad, general, and inclusive. We specialize in NOT specializing. We want to be good at everything. Short and fast, long and slow. Heavy and complex, light and simple. Going short, medium, and long. Running, jumping, crawling, climbing, pulling, pushing, dragging. Body weight, barbells, tires, stones, rocks, logs, toddlers (a shout out to all the parents!). Climbing a 14er, running a half-marathon, mountain biking Towers Road without stopping. We want it all.

When we program for you, we focus on GPP. The variety is well thought out. It’s important to understand that we’re not programming for your weightlifting meet, though you can totally still do one. We’re not programming for your next CrossFit comp, though you can still compete in one and we bet you do great. We’re not programming for your next obstacle race, though you can still crush one. GPP is the foundation for all of those things and anything else you can imagine. You may have to include some specific work for whatever the next challenge you’re going to put yourself through is, but your base of fitness is there. Though GPP.

GPP is a wonderful thing. We hope you’re enjoying it!!!

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