Monday 150921



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Single – Back Squat

Please see the write up below on the Squatzzi!!!




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Complete for time:

500m Row

10 Strict Press, 95#/65#

20 Muscle-ups

30 Pendlay Rows, 185#/125#

40 Super-Evolvers

50 Pistols

60 Sit-ups

20:00 Time Cap.




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Bill knows the importance of a solid squat. He’s gonna love Squatzzi!!!

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You guys are going to be introduced to something called Squatzzi. This is going to be a short squat session performed AFTER the WOD on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The focus of these squat sessions is on the effort of the lifts, so it is a true max effort not max load. Some days are going to be light depending on the WOD, the week of programming, and how you’re feeling.

We will be alternating between front squat and back squat each session. Again, the squatting days will me Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and the warm-up and WOD for that day will leave us around 15:00 at the end of each hour to get this done. Here’s how it will look so you have a heads-up to how it will flow:

Week 1: Work up to a heavy Single

Week 2: Work up to a heavy Double

Week 3: Work up to a heavy Triple

Week 4: Work up to a heavy Single

Week 5: Work up to a heavy Double

Week 6: Work up to a heavy Triple

Week 7: Re-test 1RM

Here are some of the rules to Squatzzi:

You have to make the same jumps in weight every set.

Jumps have to be substantial in order to minimize volume. Think 20-50 lbs. increments.

Should take no more than 15:00

Do not fail. You should be 90% certain you can make the lift. If need be have a spotter but do NOT fail.

Here’s an example:

On Monday after the WOD you will get a couple of minutes to catch your breath and coaches will write down WOD scores. Then in a 15:00 window you will work up to a heavy single back squat. A couple of “warm-up” reps can be taken at light weight but remember you just got done WODing so you should be ready to go for the most part. You need to make 20-50# jumps in the sets, i.e. 135, 165, 195, 225, 255, 285, 315, 345.

Once the weight gets to a point that you feel you’re done, then you’re done. One week you may get heavier than the previous, maybe you’ll stop at a lower weight. It’s not about the weight. It’s about the effort. This will be different than anything we’ve every done, and it will be different than anything you’ve ever done. Embrace it and grow!

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