Tuesday 150512

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Snatch, 1RM

Clean and Jerk, 1RM

These are both squats! PR day!


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Full house + nice day = outside warm-up!

Today you get a shot at a new snatch and clean and jerk PR! If you’re new to these movements, for you today will simply be a day to work on these lifts and find some improvement. If you’re comfortable with these lifts and have some previous numbers, you get the chance to get after it. For both of these lifts, we want them to be full squats. Some of you may have higher numbers doing power snatches or power cleans, and that’s fine. For now. Understand that the goal is to get better at the movement, posting higher numbers is simply a by-product. If receiving the bar in the squat is still tough for you, work to improve on that. Don’t fall back into what’s comfortable!

Today come in ready to work! The warm-up will be short and to the point in order to give you maximum time with the barbell. If you know you need some extra warming-up or mobility, show up a little early and get it done. Make it happen today!


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