Saturday 150314

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Saturday WOD!


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In teams of 4 complete 10:00 of the following:

Run 250m (pacer)

Box jumps, 24″/20″


Hand-release Burpees

Rest 5:00, then

Complete another 10:00 of work.

One person will be at each station. At 3-2-1…go each will start working. The 200m run will be the pacer. Once the person on the run returns, they will move up to the box jumps, that person will move to the stones, that person will move to burpees, and burpees will now run. This will continue for 10:00. You have to let the person relieving you know what rep number you’re on. At the end of the 10:00, each station will have a total reps completed. This is what’s recorded. After a 5:00 break you’ll repeat it. Final score is the most reps completed in the 10:00. More details tomorrow!


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And this is why Jeff is one of my all time faves!!!



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