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Deadlift Speed Pulls

6 x 1 @ 50%

Block Pulls

Work up to a single @ 105% 1RM. Set block to have bar just above knee height.

If things went well with the block pull on Friday, go up!




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Complete 3 rounds for time:

2 Rope Climbs

6 Kettlebell thrusters, 70#/55#

20 Sit-ups

Rest 2:00 after the 3 rounds, then:

Complete as many reps as possible in 2:00 of:

Ball Slams, 40#/30#




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JoLynn stacked during Jackie’s thrusters!

Last year we hosted an In-House Competition for our members. Maybe you remember it. Maybe you participated. Maybe you even got to stand on the podium! It was a lot of fun so guess what? We’re doing it again this year. Even though we’re always up for a good time, there’s actually a reason why we started doing this…..this will give those who want to feel what it’s like to be an athlete in a CrossFit competition an opportunity to do so in their home gym, surrounded by their friends. It will also benefit us because it will give our folks an opportunity to be judges, which we need for the Open WODs.

Here’s the details:

What: Second Annual Evolve In-House Comp

When: Saturday February 14th, 9-2pm

How: There will be 3 WODs. The first WOD will be announced on the website at 8:45 on Friday night, just like our daily WODs. The other 2 WODs will be announced that morning. We will be wrapped up by early afternoon.

But I Don’t Want To: Fine. The first group to go will be just like a regular Saturday WOD. You’ll be able to get your Saturday workout, then the comp will start. Nobody is left out!

All the WODs will be right in line with what you do in the gym. There won’t be any weird movements or anything that you haven’t done before. Here are the categories:

Pro Men/Pro Women (can do many of the daily WODs RX’d)

Open Men/Open Women (typically scale the daily WOD for load or ROM)

Masters Men/Masters Women (45-54 years old)

Masters Men/Masters Women (55+)

As with everything, you can scale as needed but that will place you behind those in your division who complete the work Rx’d. Again we can’t stress enough that this is designed to be fun, so don’t worry about the WODs….at least don’t worry any more than you normally do for the daily WODs!!

We will have a very hi-tech, cutting edge sign-up system again this year. On the white board there will be a heading for each division. Simply write your name on there if you’re going to compete in all 3 WODs. If you put your name on the board, please don’t sign up for the WOD in MBO. We’ll leave that for those who are going to hit the regular Saturday WOD. There is no cost to throw down so you might as well do it.

Because this is the Evolve In-House Comp, only members of Evolve are able to perform the 3 WODs…sorry! Please hit us up with any questions. We hope you’re excited for this, we know we are!

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