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Deadlift Speed Pulls

6 x 1 @ 50%

Block Pulls

Work up to a single @ 100% 1RM. Set block to have bar just above knee height.





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Complete for time:

10 Wall Walks, 2 Strict Pull-ups

8 Wall Walks, 4 Strict Pull-ups

6 Wall Walks, 6 Strict Pull-ups

4 Wall Walks, 8 Strict Pull-ups

2 Wall Walks, 10 Strict Pull-ups

Rest 2:00

Complete as many reps as possible in 2:00 of:





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Standards are important. Here Darren shows his high standards for push-ups even though he’s neck-deep in the WOD and tired. Maintain the standard.

It’s here….registration for the 2015 CrossFit Open has opened!!! We encourage EVERYONE to register. You’re going to do the WOD if you set foot into Evolve on a Friday during the 5 weeks, you might as well get a chance to enter your scores each week and be a part of the largest CrossFit Comp in the world! How many of your friends can say they’ve been a part of something so awesome??

Here’s the details you’ll need to know:

WOD release get-togethers at the gym Thursday nights at 6pm. These are super fun, ask your friends! These are open to all.

The cost is $20 to register. YOU CAN REGISTER HERE!!! When you do be sure to select CrossFit Evolve as your affiliate and your team.

Friday WODs at Evolve will be the Open WODs. Those not signed up for the Open will do the WOD as normal. Those signed up for the Open will get a judge.

Sundays at 9am you’ll have a chance to do the WOD for the 1st time or re-do it if you must (more on this later). Sundays will only be open to those who have signed up for the Open.

This year in an effort to make it accessible to CrossFitters of ALL ABILITIES, there will be scaled options for each WOD.

We really want you to be a part of the Open. It’s a great experience, it brings the gym even closer together, and we see people gain great things from participating every year. Do it!




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