Monday 141110

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The CrossFit Total

Squat, 1RM

Press, 1RM

Deadlift, 1RM

Compare to: 3/31/14, 8/16/13, 6/24/13.


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You never know what might happen at a Saturday WOD. Like warming up by pushing a school bus that got high centered in our parking lot. Functional fitness anyone?

Alright you guys, we’re wrapping up the 12 week cycle we’ve been working through. This week we’ll test your strength and your motor! It’s really important that you get in here and hit these workouts. It’s important for you to see the improvement you’ve earned during the last 4 months. It’s also important for us because we look at the numbers this week to assess the last round of programming. The more numbers we have, the better we can tweak things. And that means we do a better job for you moving forward.

Today is the CF Total. Get in and warm up efficiently. Time is going to be at a premium today, so please listen the coaches and stay on track. Think about a number you want to hit for each lift and attack it. Today you get a chance to squat, press, and deadlift heavier than you ever have. Not many people will get the opportunity to do something they never have before. Do something great today!

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