Saturday 140607

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Saturday Teamwork!


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In teams of 3 complete the following:

1500m Row

15 Box Jumps, 30″/24″

24 Clean + Jerk + Back Squat, 175#/125#

32 Partner Med Ball Sit-ups, 20#/14#

24 Clean + Jerk + Back Squat, 175#/125#

15 Box Jumps, 30″/24″

1500m Row

Each team will be issue a kettlebell (55#/35#) to carry with them for the entire WOD. Each time the KB hits the ground is 3 burpees to buy back in. Oh yeay, the sleds will be set up with 90#/45#. Each team will have to accumulate 10 x 100′ sled push during the WOD. With a partner riding on the sled. Each cylce on the sled is limited to 300′. More details will be explained at the WOD!


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Don’t forget, we’re sending Drew and Amanda off to Philadelphia today at Coppersmith’s Poolside at 4 PM. Come say so-long to super-coach Drew!!!


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