Friday 140516



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5 x 1 @ 90%




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Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:

5 Squat clean thrusters, 135#/95#

10 Push-ups

For the squat clean thruster, you’ll catch the clean in the full squat, and has you stand out of the bottom you’ll finish in the overhead position. This will be for each rep. On the push-ups, make ’em legit. We would rather have you do fewer rounds with impeccable form than more rounds using the “worm-up” method.




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How many people are in this picture?

Take a look at the picture above? How many people do you see? Is it 13 people? Nope. Is it more like 26 people? Yes. This was Saturday’s WOD. Do you know where we’re headed with this? The Saturday WOD is a really fun time and a departure from our normal programming. Typically we work in teams to complete the workout. It’s like our own in-house team comp every weekend. We dig that cause it’s fun.

Typically whover’s coaching that Saturday designs the WOD. We try to keep them unique and fun for you guys, and since it’s the only workout on Saturday and the fact that we’re working in teams, we don’t cap the number of athletes. We do however ask that you sign up in MBO so the coach has an idea of how many folks will be there, so they can anticipate how the workout will flow and they can adjust the rounds, total reps, or anything else they need to. Do you see where we’re going with this yet?

So last Saturday morning Josh looked at MBO. There were 13 folks signed up. He did a little math, took into consideration that maybe one or 2 extra folks will show up, and he finalized the WOD. And wouldn’t you know it, 26 people showed up for fun. An important note you might want to consider is that 2 of the original 13 who had signed up were no shows. I bet you’re pretty good at math from adding plates to the bar for all your lifts, so you can easily understand that 15 additional people showed up Saturday without signing up bringing it to a total of 26.  Poor Josh. All that hard work he put in to come up with a sweet workout was undone because there was simply no way to accommodate that many people in the WOD he had written with 13 folks in mind. Josh did awesome and re-configured the workout, but that kind of thing delays the start of the workout as you can imagine.

When this happens, our coach’s roll with it. But it takes time to reconfigure the workout to keep the reps reasonable, to keep the WOD fun, and to accommodate all comers. It’s important to know that when this many  folks show up unannounced, the WOD is going to start late. It’s also not uncommon for the majority of folks to show up 10 or 15 minutes after 9am. Again, this will delay the entire workout.

We could change the format of the WOD to make it like the daily workout where these things aren’t quite the challenge, and we could add caps to the WOD so we can manage this better, but we don’t want to do that because we like our Saturday format and we think you guys do too. Take a look at that pic…all those Evolve folks in the same WOD is awesome! So here are a few things you can do to help us out:

  • Sign up in MBO. This gives us the ability to plan. If you can do it the night before, great. If not, that morning as early as possible is still necessary to help us out.
  • Be on time. We know that it’s nice to sleep in a bit on Saturdays, but when we have folks who show up at 15 after, the coach will always give them time to warm-up keeping in mind their safety, even though it delays everything. Most of us who coach don’t start the warm-up until 10 or 15 after anyway simply to accommodate this trend. It would be a lot better for everyone if we could start it on time.
  • If you’re bringing a guest, let myself and/or the coach for that Saturday know. Again, this helps us plan.

Tomorrow happens to be Saturday, let’s see if we can help Coach Jeff out!!

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