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Clean and Jerk

3 + 1 @ 60%

3 + 1 @ 65%

3 + 1 @ 70%

3 + 1 @ 80%

So as it’s written, you will do 3 cleans each set. After the third clean, you will do one jerk. These don’t necessarily need to be touch-and-go reps, but they need to be in quick succession. No walking away from the bar during the set.




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Complete for time:

9 Deadlifts, 315#/225#

9 Muscle-ups

6 Deadlifts, 315#/225#

6 Muscle-ups

3 Deadlifts, 315#/225#

3 Muscle-ups

Scale this one appropriately. For muscle-ups, consider using the progression you’ve been working on. You can also consider an equal number of pull-ups and dips in place of the MU (9 pull-ups, 9 dips for the round of 9, 6 pull-ups and 6 dips for the round of 6, etc). We all have different things we need to work on when it comes to the muscle-up. Today the coaches will help you find what’s right for you!




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Congrats to both Ali and Hoff for running the Horsetooth Half on Sunday…in the snow and wind. Way to go guys!

You might have heard about Hero WOD Wednesday on the ol’ interweb machine. Here’s the skinny: a few weeks ago during the morning open gym a few of us were talking about hero WODs that we’ve always wanted to do. The fact is the majority of hero WODs are tough to fit into our regular programming. They tend to take a long time to complete and/or have movements or equipment needs that make it logistically difficult to pull off during the daily WODs. So those of us who were talking  looked at our schedules and decided to do Zimmerman last Wednesday at the 7pm open gym. We figured maybe some other folks might be interested, so we asked Kendra to get the word out on socail media and anyone who wanted to could come throw down. A few of the poor souls who had just finished the 6pm WOD also got pulled in, and we had a bunch of people getting after a tough WOD. It was so much fun we thought it would be cool to make it an unofficial “thing”.

So with that, on Wednesday nights at the 7pm open gym,  we’ll be doing a hero WOD. It might be a bunch of folks. It might be one. It might be none. This is informal, so there’s no for sure, but knowing you guys, it’s probably going to happen. So that’s it. Everyone is welcome.

Of course, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Open gym will still be going on. If you come and work on skills or do other strength work during this time, please continue to do so.
  • The hero WOD will not be coached. The coach who is working will likely be tied up with the other athletes who are there for open gym.
  • That being said, we ask that those who decide to participate in the WOD have the ability to warm themselves up sufficiently, have a good understanding of the majority of CrossFit movements, and are able to scale for themselves as needed. Of course there will be a bunch of folks there who can help, but this is a pretty good thing to keep in mind.
  • The WOD that will be done is anyone’s guess. You might hear about it on social media or word of mouth, or it may be decided on the fly. This is not part of our daily programming, so there will be the possibility of some of the same movements on consecutive days. Participate at your own risk!
  • Please respect the coach’s time. They will be ready to go home to put the kids to bed/eat dinner/go get a margarita come 8pm. These WODs take a while to set up, take a while to get warmed up to, and take a while to get done. If you’re going to get after it, get in early and warm up as the 6pm WOD is wrapping up. The WOD will need to start as early as possible so we can be done and cleaned up by 8pm. If you walk in at 7:15 expecting to get a good warm-up and get things set up, it’s just not going to happen.

This is a pretty cool grassroots thing that’s going on, we hope to see some of you there! By the way, tonight is AdamBrown. Boom.

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