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Complete 4 rounds of the following. Each round is 5:00 of:

Run 600m

Max unbroken strict pull-ups

Max reps push-press, 115#/75#

Rest 5:00 between rounds.

This WOD courtesy of CrossFit Invictus. For the pull-ups, when you drop from the bar your pull-ups end. When you get to the push-press, you complete as many reps as possible in the remaining time. You can drop the bar as often as you like, these are not unbroken reps. At the end of 5:00, you rest for 5:00. This is a lot of rest. Why? So you can put forth maximal effort during each round. Don’t game it, go for it.


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Me being 10 days late posting this photo does not make it any less impressive.

We’re weeks away from The Murph Challenge. This has been a long-standing tradition for Evolve on Memorial Day. We’ll start at 9am and heats will run until everyone is done. Registration is now open. $40 gets you signed up, gets you an awesome shirt from Forged, and most importantly provides funds to a great charity, the LT Michael P Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation.

Register here and be sure to put CrossFit Evolve as your affiliate.

We hope to see you on Memorial Day for the Murph Challenge!

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