Barbell Club Weekly Template


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Week of March 17th

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Day 1 – Heavy

Push Press. 5 x 5, add load from last week.

Weighted Pull-ups. Work up to a heavy single. It only counts if chin gets over the bar. 10:00.

Weighted plank. Accumulate 5:00 total.

Handstand work. Spend 10:00 working on being inverted. Work on the handstand walk, handstand hold, press from frog stance, etc.

Day 2 – Light

Spend 15:00 on the following complex:

1 Power clean + 2 front squats + 1 jerk

Snatch balance. As with last week, add load and work up to a set of 3 in 10:00.

Reverse hyper – light

Day 3 –  Light

Back Squat: 10 x 2 @ 55% 1RM.

Hang Power Snatch: Work up to a moderate double in 15:00. Moderate in that the load isn’t so heavy that from deviates.

GHD Sit-ups. 4 x 15.

EMOM for 10:00: 10 wall balls, 20#/14#

Day 4 – Heavy

Deadlift: work up to a heavy 3 in 15:00.

Jerk. Work up to a heavy single. Take 15:00 for this, and use racks or blocks.

Bent row. 5 x 5, heavier again.

Reverse Hyper. Light for rehab.



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