Tuesday 140225



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Turkish Get-ups

Work up to a heavy single using a KB. If you’re dialed in with TGUs with a KB, you can either work on some reps at the heavy bells or work using a barbell.

Spend 10:00 on this!




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Vary of Mary

Complete 5 rounds for time of:

5 Handstand Push-ups

10 Pistols (alternating)

15 Pull-ups





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Larry snatching. Going through the pics, there are a ton of snatch photos Good for you guys!

Here’s a guest post from KV!

You Feel That?

WOD posted hate the movements
Monday workout feeling tired
Wraps-shoes-belt at your house


Running late late cancel
Skipped lunch skip the gym
Bad day bad attitude

Is this you?
Come on now, don’t lie. It’s all of us.
We are humans filled with excuses.
We spend a lot of our time convincing ourselves our excuses are

When was the last time YOU late cancelled?
Or just didn’t sign up at all?

We spend most of our time making mental lists of the
reasons not to do something
instead of reminding ourselves of the
reasons to do something.

(uh, I do)

Let me give you an example:
The CrossFit Open
It starts Thurday- did you know that?
Now, before I lose some of you because you have no desire to compete in the Open
please stand by
don’t go
Listen- because I’m talking to you too.

I’ve been really busy writing my list about why the Open is not longer for me.
And although the list is long and riddled with excuses
none of them are acceptable
in fact, they sound more like complaining than anything certifiable.
And when others ask me why I’m not signed up
my list sounds whiny and kinda ridiculous
in fact, it sounds like I’m just being a baby

that’s some naked truth
But to be really honest
I was hell bent
(I honestly don’t even know what that means)
on sitting this one out.
Dead serious.
Until my friend of 20 years was diagnosed with brain cancer.
I don’t tell you this to make you sad or sorry.
It is so much more than that
(and more than CrossFit too).

I’m talking about taking risks and doing things we might not want to do
just because we CAN
And when I realized this
all my lame a$$ excuses about competing in the Open became insignificant
all my soreness and aches and pains became minuscule.

It was then when I remembered the
heart- beating
sweat- pouring
pulse- pumping
freaking out
I feel when I do Open WODs
and although it makes me a freaking nervous and a whole lot scared

I get to feel it.

Now, what about YOU?
the choice to do something just because you can

Rip up those EXCUSE LISTS and burn them
(in an appropriate location- such as a fireplace)
and then stop writing them.

Do things because you can.
hit the gym
tackle a challenge at work
hike-bike-run 13.1 miles

sign up for the Open.

I am.


and to be honest
it’s pretty rad

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