Barbell Club Weekly Template


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Week of February 10th

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MONDAY – Heavy Day

Bench Press, 5 x 3. Yep, heavier again.

Power Snatch + Hang Snatch. Work up to heavy singles of the complex. 15 minutes.

Weighted Pull-ups. Work to a heavy single.

Reverse Hyper. Keep it light.

TUESDAY – Light/Volume Day

Deadlift, 8 x 2 with bands. Heavier than last week.

Snatch balance. Work up in load, but focus on speed to the bottom. Spend 15:00 on this.

Good Mornings, 3 x 8. Add load from last week. Keep that form perfect as it starts to feel heavy.

GHD Sit-ups, 3 x 12.

THURSDAY – Light/Volume Day

Snatch Pulls. Work up to a moderate load.

Overhead squats. 3 x 10 at a light to moderate weight.

Snatch grip push press. Sets of 5. Spend 10-12 minutes.

Reverse Hyper. 10 x 3 light weight.

FRIDAY – Heavy Day

Back Squat, 5 x 3. Yep, heavier than last week.

Bent over row. 5 x 5.

Power Cleans. Work up to a heavy single…but they have to be good. If you’re splitting really wide or shoving your hips forward to receive it, don’t count it.



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