Monday 140106



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Handstand Push-ups

Today the coaches will work on your set-up and go over the kip.

If you already have HSPUs, perform the following while the coach instructs the movement:

Complete 2 unbroken sets of strict HSPU. If you typically use the kip, change the range of motion using ab mats to where you can complete strict reps.

Complete 2 unbroken sets of kipping HSPU.




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21 – 15 – 9

Thrusters, 95#/65#


8:00 cap on this today!

Compare to: 7/15/13, 6/1/12, 7/12/11, 11/9/10, 9/9/10

That feeling in your stomach right now is excitement!!





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Steph doing a good job getting her knees back!

Are you excited to see Fran?! This week will be a transition between programs, so we decided to hit some benchmark WODs this week. For those who have been with us for a while, you will recognize all of this week’s WODs. This will be a good opportunity to get some comparison numbers with your earlier goes at these WODs. For the newer folks, you’ll get the chance to establish a baseline on some cool WODs. Write these in your log book, because as you move forward in your CrossFit career, you will be able to look back and see where you started and how much you’ve improved.

You’ll also see skill sessions all week with the exception of Thursday because that WOD is of a longer time domain….hint hint. The website posts for the skill session will have a brief description of what the coaches will be going over. For those who are already competent in the movement, we will also post specific work for you to get done while the coach is working with others who are less familiar with the movement. Feel free to ditch the work to get some technique tune-ups and listen to the coach go over the movement if you feel you want to. The choice is yours!

Have fun this week. Let’s set some new benchmark PRs!

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