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Front Squats

10 x 60%

8 x 65%

8 x 70%

8 x 75%




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Complete for time:

30 Burpees, then

3 Rounds of:

15 Kettlebell swings, 70#/55#

50 Double-unders

15 Chest-to-bar pull-ups

50 Sit-ups





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Garry with some single-arm KB work!

Today we start the next round of programming. Josh and I tackled this one together. When we program, we identify some goals we have, which allows us to focus the program. This wave of programming is focused on preparing you guys for the 2014 CrossFit Open. We understand that many of you won’t be formally participating in the Open, but we have a large portion of the gym that will be signing up for it. As was the case in years past, one of our daily WODs during the 5 week Open will be that week’s Open WOD, so even if you decide not to sign up for it, you’re still going to be doing the WODs, so you’ll still realize the benefit of this programming.

A few things you can expect: the strength work will be 4 days per week and will generally be of lower loads and higher volume. There will be oly work because we believe getting better at your lifts will get you better at pretty much everything else we do. We will squat because squatting is awesome. We will also push and pull. The WODs will be dominated by movements we’ve seen in past years and movements we expect to see this year: burpees, pull-ups, double-unders, muscle-ups. We will also revisit the majority of Open WODs from years past in the coming weeks.

We’re stoked for this. For those competing in the Open, this will give you what you need. For those not competing, you will get fitter. Good stuff for all!!

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