Thursday 140116



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The Kip

Today we’ll spend some time working on dialing in the kip as it applies to pull-ups and toes-to-bar/knees-to-elbows.

If you already are dialed with the gymnastics kip, work on the butterfly

If you’re solid with the kip, complete:

2 max effort sets of:



Focus on keeping the kip snappy and in control.




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CrossFit Open WOD 13.3:

150 Wall balls, 20# to 10’/14# to 9′

90 Double-unders

10 Muscle-ups

During the Open the time cap was 12:00. If you finished the work above, you started over on the wall balls. Today we’ll cap the WOD at 20:00 to allow everyone the opportunity to finish.

If you finish the above work under 12:00, then move back to the wall balls and see what you can do but at 12:00 stop. You can then compare directly to last year, and 12.4 the year before that.

If you’re new to CrossFit, 150 of anything is too much. Please listen to the coach regarding scaling reps today!!




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To be clear, Anja did not put those holes in the wall with her KB!

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The sign-up list for the Evolve In-House Comp is slowly growing. Have you signed up yet? Why not! Here are some answers to the questions we’ve been fielding:

Who should do it? Everyone.

Why are you doing this? To give you an oppotunity to feel what it’s like to compete, but in the comfort of your own gym. It will also give those who will be judging during the Open and opportunity to practice that. Plus it’s fun.

How will the day flow? The regular Saturday WOD for those not competing will be the same first WOD for the comp. First the group will go through. Then we’ll run heats with judges. Once that wraps up, we’ll announce WOD # 2 and the time. Once WOD # 2 is done, we’ll announce the final WOD, WOD #3.

I’m worried that I won’t be able to do the movements? First, everything we do is scaleable…always. Second, this is programmed to be a fun experience. All movements are common and have been done before. All loads will be well withing the range for “pro” and “open”. There will be nothing to catch you off guard.

What if I’m not sure? Just do it!

How do I sign up? It’s very technical. Write your name on the board under the division you want to compete under.

What’s it cost? Nothing. However, we have decided to accept donations to support Kevin Ogar. Cash, check, coins, whatever. At the end, we’ll deposit it and make a donation from Evolve to That’s a good enough reason to be a part of this!!

Are you sure I should do it? Yes. It will be rad.

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